Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A couple of finishes ...

The daisy fabric is one of the two pieces my husband won (lol) at the quilt show we recently went to in New York.  There was half a yard and I used every inch of it - the tote and zippies are smaller than the ones I normally make because I was very short on fabric.  It's the perfect size for a quick run to the grocery store to pick up bread and olives :D

 This tote/zippy set uses up the last of the puppy fabric I got at Joanns in Ohio during our first trip there in 2008.  The lining fabric is cute - it's all dog sayings - fetch, sit, good boy etc. :D

The last of some fabrics purchased at Fabricland a few years ago - I think I have about a 2" x 3" piece left, which of course is in the scrap pile for a scrap block :D

I found my container of sewing machine oil this morning so I downloaded a manual for Bella (201k) and oiled her up.  I'll take her in for a check-up some time this summer - I don't know when she was serviced last.  I can do basic maintenance and suck out the dust bunnies, but I want to make sure she gets looked over properly - at 57, she may have a few achy bones, LOL. 

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  1. Really really cute... I'm loving all the yellow/black/white! Jen loved the bibs ~ and I know I owe you a nice long email. Tomorrow ~ cause right now I gots to get to bed!


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