Saturday, May 22, 2010

Brotherhood of Electricians ;)

On the same job site, putting in switches and plugs ;)

 This guy never minds having his picture taken, lol. 
Notice I didn't tidy first - this is what the family room looked like while the downstairs was being painted.  Looks like crap, eh? LOL!  We're buying new furniture for this room so it'll be a while before it's put back together!

The entrance to the dining room ... all that stuff is now put away but we haven't brought the furniture back in yet :D 

I needed to get my mind off of the mess up here, so I went downstairs to work on some summer placemats :)  One done, three more to go!

A couple more bags, finished last night :)


  1. I'd be hiding from all that chaos too! Well, at least that would be my reasonable-sound excuse...
    Those bags are cute!

  2. Placemats and bags look adorable! Your boys look so cute working hard :D It's a pain now but think how worthwhile it will be when you are done with the living room!

  3. hey things are getting done at your house.I just know it will be fabulous be sure to show pics PPqw

  4.'s almost finished...and the placemats are sa-weet!


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