Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I wordled :)

How cool is that, lol!!  Kind of a pain in the butt to save in jpeg format tho - but overall TRES cool!  Try it here :)

My 3 ebay auctions arrived today - the vintage buttonholer (+ extra templates), and the vintage zigzagger (+ extra cams) - as soon as supper is over I'm taking my fat butt down to the sewing machine to try them out!

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  1. I'm looking at your ticker and realizing that you are soon moving out of this town. I see you're moving on over to Onederland. I wish you nothing but luck over there. Although I'll miss you here, I hope you do not come back to visit. Hopefully, you won't even poke your head back in. It might take me a long time, maybe a really long time, but I'm moving to that place too! I will see you there someday. In the meantime, bye bye ... Good luck on your move.

    From Twoterville!!!!


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