Monday, May 10, 2010

I went thrifting tonight :)

We have "thrift store alley" in the town just north of us - 3 thrift stores in very close proximity to each other.  Tonight hubby drove me up to Newmarket so I could poke around - I had a few things in mind I was looking for but didn't find any of them, lol.  I did find a bag of zippers @ Valu Village for a buck - score #1!!  - a dozen long (20" or so) zippers - YAY!  I also got a few pieces of fabric - some cotton eyelet, some red cotton (a heavy weight, with almost a satiny sheen - just lovely!) and some fleece (for cage quilts) - a buck a piece - score #2! ;)  They're in the laundry now so I didn't get a picture :)

I also sat down with Bella and made a zipper bag from a bunch I have kitted up - I have 4 more identical ones ready to sew - these will go to the animal shelter for a fundraiser.  As I recall, the fabric came from a Joanns in Ohio (shopping with Dishy and the Quilt Whisperer!) and was on a major clearance for about a buck a yard - historical score! ;)


  1. Isn't it amazing how jazzed you feel to find something like those zippers? Good score!

  2. Wow, you did score! Yowza! I love the cat bag :) even if it is cats......


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