Monday, May 17, 2010

Panties and owls :D (and Zoomer!)

I tried doing a bit of a tutorial tonight on how I make my panty zipper bags - the pattern is available from (link on the right side of my blog) but her instructions are in Chinese, so I thought I'd just document how easy it is to put these together.  Camera didn't co-operate and I ended up with a finished bag and corrupt pics, lol.    Lesson learned - I'll try again tomorrow!  In the interim, here's the bag I completed :) After I took that picture I remembered I had pink panty charms, so I removed the ribbon and added the panties - photo 2 is a close-up of the charm.

 I also finished the little zipper bag that matches the owl tote I did yesterday - this set can now go into the box for the shelter :)

Here's Zoomer today watching the action while the painters painted - supervisory position much? ;)  That's a good photo of our new carpet - it's so cushy and pretty!


  1. OMG! Those panties are "to die for!" LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! Specially love the flamingo ribbon. Where in the world did you find that. Now who's flamingolicious? I bow to you!

  2. You found PANTY charms? lol. WOW, Zoomer is looking so studly ...he's beautiful. (Jiffy went to heaven last Tuesday...he is so missed, even Keera has tears.)


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