Friday, March 25, 2011

A good day sewing, and now it's time to watch TV :D

Here's a gift set I finished up today - I posted a close-up of the beaded zipper pulls the other day - the set came out beautifully!  The bag in the middle has a boxed bottom - the pattern is from Craftster, and the boxy bag (bottom right) is from Patchyapple.  The round bottom bag (top of photo) is my own design!

Here's another bag I made today to use up the last of some lighthouse fabric I was gifted - this will go to Blue Hills :)  The zipper pull is a charm of a little boy - I got it from ebay :)


  1. How do you get so many things done with zippers, lol! I think that's why I make mostly quilts - no zippers. These are gorgeous. And yay for you, your own design, how darling!

    I'm about to pull up to a dvd and do some hand-quilting - it's all I want to do tonight!

  2. Please tell me your do you get so much done and keep your crafty mojo going????

  3. The gift set is just fabulous!!!!


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