Thursday, March 3, 2011

A new challenge --- "LANT" :)

My friend Wendy and I have challenged each other to learn some new techniques - I challenged her to do zippers (and she did! YAY!), and she challenged me to do buttonholes.  Well, it took me a while but I finally got off my duff and - long story short - I was successful at creating a beautiful buttonhole on a machine that doesn't have an automatic buttonholer :D  The one on the far left is my final - and most perfect (lol!) attempt :)  I still prefer to do zippers, but now I've conquered the dreaded BH!  I've decided to LANT (learn a new technique) every month, so buttonholes are my March LANT!  Here's my February LANT :)  Hey Wendy and Nancy - we should pick a LANT to work on next month - Wendy, you should have your new feet by then! ;)

And here are 3 gift bags I made to use up that last of my Oriental fabrics - they went right into my gift box, and I suspect the intended recipient might realize they're for her, if she happens to read this blog post, LOL. 


  1. stumbled upon your blog. yay for LANT! great job on your button hole, expcially for on a machine that doesn't do all the work!

  2. Well GOOD FOR YOU!!! I have a machine that does it for me and I STILL resist, lol. Your gift bags are gorgeous, love those fabrics!

  3. Yey!! I am SO proud of you. Well done! However, there is no way my March LANT is going to be piecing and quilting an entire quilt!!! I think that one takes it a little bit far... I've actually been LANTing unofficially:
    November - learned to use a sewing machine
    December - learned to crochet
    January - zippers
    February - FME
    So I need a march - it's going to be quilting, but not a whole quilt!! What are you going for next?

  4. Love it~ Love the idea! Love the couching too, i'm so behind on everything...... :D
    Those bags are fab!!!


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