Saturday, March 26, 2011

Why aren't butter STICKS more popular in Canada?

I've been buying our butter, whenever possible, in the States in sticks for the last 10ish years - I ran out last week so I went looking today at Walmart - the only sticks were a name brand (I forget which brand) and the 1 pound package was $6.07!!!  SIX DOLLARS FOR BUTTER!  I ended up buying a package of Great Value (WM brand, not in sticks) butter for $3.47, but it always surprises me that more Canadians don't demand a format that our American neighbours enjoy so readily (and inexpensively) - stick butter!  I can't wait for my next trip Stateside so I can stock up without paying an arm and a leg for the convenience :D

 Today's completions - ladybug and puppy zipper bags ...
and 2 snowman bibs - these are backed with red fleece with SNOWFLAKES - so absolutely perfect, lol!


  1. Love the new projects (Miles loves his snowman bib). Isn't that strange about the butter sticks? I mean, that is a basic thing when you bake........ :)

  2. I didn't know that about the butter - what shocked me when I stayed with my girlfriend in London was that the milk came in BAGS, lol! Cute bags and those bibs are way, way too cute!

  3. The only time the sticks of butter seem to be available is around Christmas -- guess the grocery stores don't think anyone bakes at any other time and don't realize just how perfect those sticks are!


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