Tuesday, March 1, 2011

How *not* to answer a freecycle offer

A couple of weeks ago I offered up a huge bag of sewing items on our local Freecycle group - fabric and blocks and magazines and more fabric and notions - lots of fun stuff.  I got quite a few replies but this one blew my mind away:
When and where can I pick up?  Thanks!
Talk about making assumptions - sheesh!  I didn't even reply to that one!  A simple " I'd be very interested in this fabric, and could pick up at your convenience.  Thanks for considering!" would be a lot more effective!

Here are today's finishes - a gift bag (left) and a zipper bag for Blue Hills (thank you Susan for the fabric!) - I'll be seeing my Blue Hills friend on Friday night so I can give her the stuff I have ready, including this zippy :)

I've been adding carabiners or other "hardware" to the bags when I had something that would work with the colour scheme - I found and purchased about a dozen at Christmas but ran out of them last month, and have been unable to find them again for a good price.  A few days ago I found a new similar product - book rings for binders, available in the stationery department at our local Walmart stores.  8 for $2, with 2 each of 4 colours in the package.  I've already bought 2 packages - you can see the goldy yellow one in the zipper bag above!  SCORE!  :)

And now I'm going to settle down on my couch to watch NCIS and to read through a gorgeous book called Sew It, Stuff It, by Rob Merrett.  I got it on Amazon.ca and posted a review of it - it's a GREAT book - full of gorgeous must-make eye candy!


  1. Wow, how rude! Be careful with freecycle and craigslist, a 19yo man was just killed here by someone who came to his house. For NOTHING. Love your bags - great fabrics!

  2. I would have swapped your bag of fabrics and stuff for a bag of valentine's wreaths, halloween decorations and April Fool's day banners...


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