Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Here come the cactii :D

 Here are 2 composition book covers I completed today - fabric is from Joanns :D
I love this fabric - I think it was only available in fat quarters as I didn't see it in yardage when I found it (possibly in Ohio?) a while back.  I think it would make a cute zipper bag too!

One more zipper bag completion - this is the pattern I drafted myself based on projects I've seen online.  Notice the sweet little beaded zipper pull - I wish I could get a nice close-up with my camera, but that's beyond me (or perhaps just beyond the camera, LOL!).


  1. Oh what cute cacti! Love the bag too, you're right, the zipper pull is very sweet - perfect touch!

  2. How cool is that cactii fabric!! Love it, and the zipper bag - rounded corners! To get a close up, have a look at your camera. Is there a little picture of a tulip? If so, press that button - it's Macro which basically means close up and will stop it being blurred. If you have a zoom, use the zoom to zoom in rather than moving the camera closer to the object. That is the full extent of my knowledge of cameras!


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