Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A wee Christmas present :)

Last summer hubby and I went to several Lens Mills stores over in the Cambridge area, and I bought some soft book panels because they looked like fun.  They are!  The order of the pages is rather odd to assemble but once you get that figured out (I made a draft out of paper) they're easy!  I need to dig out my box of panels and get cracking on some more, lol.

I also made a few snowman book thongs but when I took the picture I realized that one of them had a couple of "order errors" on it :D  One error I could ignore, but two bugged me too much, so I have to restring that one.  Will photograph them when I make the corrections :D


  1. What fun! Your book looks awesome! :) Is it any warmer there? Hope so! HUgs, Mickie

  2. Little soft story books are such a lovely gift.....
    I'm interested in seeing what your book thongs are... in Africa where I grew up thongs were what we called G string underpants and over here in Australia thongs are rubber slip on shoes..... I wonder what thongs are for you????? hahha

  3. What a great idea to make the cloth book!!


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