Saturday, March 5, 2011

I pity the fool!

Hubby, DS2 and I watched The A-Team movie tonight - I loved the series when it was on, so I knew I'd love the movie too, lol.  So campy, so much fun - it doesn't get any funnier than flying a TANK!!  I worked on stuffing 3 Tomte dolls while the movie was playing - I'll have to name them BA, Face and Howlin' Mad when they're finished (Hannibal will understand) :D  No chick flicks for me - I prefer action movies ... HA!!

I got 3 pillowcases done today - these will go to Blue Hills :)

Last but not least, here's a gift bag I made for a friend - I couldn't post it until I gave it to her, lol.  She actually gave me the scraps of silk, and I ended up using them as a project for her :D

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