Monday, April 18, 2011

Getting used to the new camera :)

 Here are the zipper bags I completed the other day - today I got the zipper pulls done :)

 Ta da - beaded zipper pulls :)
 Boxy and zipper bag set ... boxy bag is from the Patchyapple tutorial :)

Danny the Dinosaur (from Sew It, Stuff It) - my first try at using safety eyes - they are SO easy to use, lol.  I wanted to stick a pair on a zipper bag today, but resisted the urge ;)  Danny has a jingle bell in his belly so he's a musical dino :D


  1. Danny the Dino is so cute. He turned out very well. Also, have you permanently commandeered this new to you camera? Hmmmmm?

  2. ha ha! What a cute little dinosaur! What's wrong with eyes on zipper pouches?!?

  3. Your zippered bags always turn out so pretty. And I love the stuffed dino!

  4. Love the bags but specially love Danny! He's too dang cute!


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