Saturday, April 16, 2011

Comin' up daisies :D

Here I used pretty daisy and blue TOT fabrics to make a composition book cover, 2 zippies and 2 mini notebook covers - tomorrow I'll make beaded zipper pulls for the bags :)  Thanks, Susan, for the fabrics - I used pretty much every inch of those pieces!

And in the comic relief department, here are a couple of pictures of our oldest son (22) being goofy, wearing a pink hard hat *grin* :D


  1. Very pretty Sandra! Are these more gifts? Cute pics of your son - now I want a pink hard hat! He's a handsome fella!

  2. I love that daisy fabric. The yellow and blue look great together. Great trim on the zippies.

  3. You are not old enough to have a son that wears a hard hat :D HE looks so grown up!!!!!!!!!!!! :(
    On the other hand, love the daisy bags!!! Wonderful!


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