Friday, April 1, 2011

No April fools here :D

My first completions of April - these zipper bags are lined with electricians denim (denim jeans one of my electricians wore out, lol).  The frog fabric was an ebay purchase from years ago, and these bags finished the last scraps in my stash :)

The Mother Goose fabric in the centre of these bibs was given to me by a friend - I hope she likes what I did with her gift!  


  1. I do like what you did with that fabric!!! :) Looks awesome :)

  2. What do you mean, the last scraps in your stash? OH NO! you'll need more scraps! Start another project, quick, so you can get more scraps!

  3. Lovely! That mother goose fabric is so nice. I'm a bit concerned about "your electricians". Are these a group of electricians that you keep locked in your basement waiting for their jeans to wear out??

  4. Very cute!
    How fast do your electricians wear out jeans? My carpenter was going through them at a blistering rate, providing me with oodles of denim to repurpose (these days he wears canvas work duds 'cause it's cheaper than keeping him in jeans for work ;o)

  5. Well I'm spitting tea all over my keyboard due to Wendy's comment - too funny! Love these Sandra, one of these days you're going to have to put everything you've made in one big pile so we can get the proper perspective - cuz you are ONE BUSY GAL!

  6. Sandra, I've found the linky party for sewing only - go and link up! I've got no sewing projects this week!! I actually finished something last night but haven't taken photos or blogged about it yet!

    So you have electricians and Katherine has carpenters - what am I missing out on? Should I too have a gang of tradesmen? Where do you get them from? Do you have to pay?


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