Thursday, April 28, 2011

Giraffes quilt finished :)

Here's the giraffe quilt I finished today, as part of a set I'm working on.  The hippo quilt is already completed, and up next are some little bits and pieces with the leftover fabrics :)

8 gift bags (with matching tags) completed for a challenge in a Yahoo group I belong to :) 

Last, but not least, a Patchyapple boxy bag I finished up today - it went right into my gift box for ?? - the occasion/recipient hasn't been determined yet :D

Happy royal wedding watching tomorrow to the billion or so people who will be watching the nuptials - personally I would rather watch paint dry so I'm planning on sleeping peacefully through the festivities :)


  1. Love the giraffe quilt ~ so cute... and I still can't find my boxy bag pattern darn it!
    As for the Royal Wedding, I'll probably have it on in the background at some point, but if I miss it, I won't loose any sleep.

  2. The giraffe quilt is darling - love the pouches! No wedding for me, I'll be happily asleep.

  3. The hippo and giraffe quilts are really cute. I like the way you've rounded the corners on the quilts.

    I probably shouldn't admit this, but with everything that's been going on this week, I had completely forgotten about the royal wedding until I logged in this morning and read the headlines.

  4. Popping in seeing we have been communicating via other blogs!! haha... I am so fond of giraffes and those ones are perfect for the little quilt....
    I did watch the wedding... it was evening time here... good stitching company!!

  5. Love the little gift bags, they are so handy aren't they...
    The wedding was beautiful, but we didn't have to stay awake to watch - makes a big difference!!

  6. Hello Sandra, cute giraffe quilt, I love the boxy bag......Warm Regards, Lyn


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