Saturday, April 16, 2011

I stole ... I mean borrowed - my son's Sony Cybershot :)

 Today I got the hippo quilt sandwiched and quilted.  Nothing fancy - just stitching 1/4" away from all seams.  Got one little pucker but it's pretty much hidden in the chenille :D

 Here's the minky backing showing the rows of quilting - I didn't have a feel for how taut to hold the backing when I was stitching so I got a tuck or two in the first row - then it was (fairly) smooth sailing :)

Here's a bit of a closer view of the quilting and the adorable fabric.  Jenn, I hope you like this!

I'm going to curve off the edges with a plate and machine stitch the binding tomorrow - I haven't decided between red TOT and a polka dot print that I found at Joanns - I'll audition them tonight and make a decision.  The polka dots match the fabrics well, but the red TOT should really make the red in the print, POP!


  1. Looking forward to seeing which binding you choose! This is an adorable project :)

  2. Love this - chenille AND minky? How snuggly! I want to try curving my next quilt, imagine no corners to bind, it!


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