Sunday, December 18, 2011

The rooster crows at midnight :)

This is the bag I made for my neighbour - I did bags for everybody but the hubby :)   Dobie Xena's gift is here, their son's gift is here, and their daughter's gift is here :)   If I have time I'm going to try to embroider a doberman on a gift bag - I tried the pattern already and it didn't work, but that may have been because I was trying to stitch on a suede-type fabric - it was very thick and I probably wasn't using the right combination of stabilizer/needle type etc. 

She has a rooster collection, hence my choice of pattern :D  The lining is embroidered with a rather naughty saying *ahem*, so I won't post it :D


  1. Your post title sounds like a secret password phrase. The bags are awesome, can't wait to sew again here and make some more! I'll probably kit some up today.
    Have a great day! The dog barks at dawn......

  2. Heehee - the rooster is darling!

  3. Sandra, I love the rooster bag. Please think about doing a video tutorial this next year on how to sew in a zipper and making a small bag. I'd love to learn to do that.


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