Friday, January 4, 2013

A few more finishes from last year ...

Here are a few more finishes from 2012 :)   

5 minute bread bag - the one in the tutorial was too small for my loaves, so I made a larger version!  I didn't photograph the 2 bags I made that were too small, lol.
Laurel Burch bag set - a Christmas gift :)

Close-up of the zipper pull :)
Cowboy bag set - another Christmas gift :)
Today I made a wide open zipper bag (will get a picture tomorrow) - I still have to check the instructions several times when installing the zipper that way so I want to make a few of them to get the technique down pat.  I think it's such a great design - thank you to Anna/Noodlehead for a great tutorial!

Construction notes for the bread bag - to fit  a 1.5 pound loaf from my breadmaker:  cut tea towels to 2 x 13.5"w x [15"t ... finished] (or cut on the fold).  Cut tie to 30" long.  Fold fabrics RST with finished edge @ top, insert ribbon 2" from top, stitch down side(s) and across bottom, using 3/8" seam.  Trim seam down, zigag raw edges.  Tie a knot in each end of the tie, angle cut the end.  


  1. Hi Sandra,
    I love the patterns on your materials, you get some pretty neat stuff girl! Those zipper bags must come in handy and they would be perfect gifts.
    Cheers, Anita.

  2. I love the bread bag. What have you got in it? Something good? I am so jealous that you have that fabulous zipper pull charm to match the fabric . Great zippies.

  3. Oh, no! I have zipper pull envy! Did you put that one together?

  4. Beautiful gifts. Love the bread bag idea. Must put that one on my ever growing list.

  5. Really like your fabric choices. The Laurel Burch bags are to die for! Have to dig my LB fabric out. Oh, and the pull is great too.
    your biggest fan ;-)

  6. You had a wonderful 2012! I love all of your little bags. I keep meaning to make a bread bag for our house!


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