Thursday, January 10, 2013

UFO logging (but not completing) :D

This cold is kicking my butt!  It seems like it's going to hang around for a few more days, at least.  Thankfully the Benylin all-in-one cold & flu pills work really well, so I get some relief when they kick in :D

Here are more UFOs for the informal 2013 UFO Apocalypse finish-along that I'm doing with my friend Mickie -- I think I have 9 more downstairs to catalogue, and I haven't even started working on any of them.  YIKES!

This will be a toddler sized quilt - the blocks are done and the fabric for the borders/backing is at the top of the photo.  I'll need to get binding fabric in a blue/green combo, and batting. 

Pink and brown owl quilt - this is about 43" square - I have the top done and the backing (brown minky) is bought.  I need batting and binding.

 Black, white and lime string quilt - I have 48 x 9.5" (unf) squares - they'll be set 6 x 8 for a quilt size of approx. 54" x 72".  I need to assemble the quilt top, and then get backing, batting and binding for this one.

WOW the background is actually snow white - I guess my camera doesn't like blue tonight!  Here are a few zipper bags I got done for Blue Hills, from a FQ set I got @ Joanns a while ago - I believe I've now used up everything but some itty bitty scraps :)


  1. What an amazing lot of work you have on the go. I love the zippy bag collection too.

  2. WOW!!!! These projects are gorgeous. You know I love green and blue so you can guess which my favorites are. The fabric looks wonderful on those pouches. Can't wait to see the quilts finished.

  3. You are going to need lot of batting this year! Your pouch set is perfect as usual.

  4. Hey gal, I love your projects, particularly the black and lime quilt! woohoo that is pretty! Blue hills bags are cool too! You go girl! :)

  5. I am exhausted just looking at all you've been up to and will be doing. Although you continually tell me you don't have an eye for color, I continue to come to your posts and think, "Perfect! I've got to steal that combination." The green/blue squares make me want to rush out to the fabric store. Black and white with the splash of lime green looks spectacular!

    Off to Joann's. Thankfully, I got some new coupons in the mail! I made my husband sign up for coupons,too. Got to love a man who is willing to stand in line with fabric even if it is just to save money.

  6. Your not too far away from getting those UFOs finished! You can do it!!!! I love your little patchwork bags =D

  7. Hi Sandra,
    Gosh you've been busy. I really
    love the green block, love all those
    prints together. Hope you kick that
    cold soon. Take care.
    Cheers, Anita.


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