Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A couple more pictures :D

It feels like I spent all day yesterday taking pictures of my new fabric, lol. The photo taking was the easy part - after I took the pics I had to WASH everything! Huge job, but it's mostly done - it just has to be put away. I thought about ironing it all first ... then decided ... HELL NO :D Best to iron it as I pull it out to use, lol.

That's most of the fabrics I bought --- I also got a couple of upholstery sample books @ Zincks in Ohio - they were a whole buck each but the owner gave me one free for buying 2, LOL. I've started cutting the fabric out of the books and will use it eventually for ... ??? Not sure!!! Something will come to mind, I'm sure - upholstery fabric is really nice to work with - I throw it in the washer and dryer to make sure it will hold up to regular use, and it always comes out lovely!


  1. Whoohoo, gorgeous fabric. Funny how seeing fabric makes me so happy. I get you with the ironing. Ironing just plain sucks!

  2. I laugh at you and your full car...hahahha! You made a great haul AND showed great restraint! Excellent fabric choices!


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