Tuesday, October 27, 2009

On the To Do list - check, check and check ;)

A couple of projects I've completed lately - some zipper bags for Nino (Nino, 2 are done, 3 more are cut out, and I'll also include a girly one - these ones are about 8" x 9" - hope they're OK!) - some chocolates zipper bags just because I like the fabric (which came from Nino! So thanks, Nino!), and a pillowcase Christmas gift for a little 3 year old I "know" via the internet via his grandma :D

Now I'm off to do some housework (ewwwwwww!), then I'm going to work on part 4 of the doggy SAL that I'm doing -- part 5 comes out tomorrow so I'd like to get part 4 finished before then :D On that link to part 4, the second picture is my projects (parts 1 & 2) !!!


  1. I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the zipper bags, and the pillow case. I guess since you don't know "MY" 3 yo DGS that is not for us. :(

    One day maybe I will do a blog and surprise you!


  2. Busy, busy! I have (almost) one gift ornament stitched...wow!!! I need to get in gear!

  3. I have that chocolate fabric. Now I know what to do with it! Love the bags & the pillow case!


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