Tuesday, October 27, 2009

She looks JUST like me ...

... except she's skinny, LOL. Isn't she adorable? I won this delightful little girl in a blog giveaway hosted by the talented Khris of Sew Prim Khris - is she adorable or what! Khris made her just for me, and SHE HAS MY HAIR!!! Thank you Khris - Ruby is beautiful :) So is the kitty cat notebook you also made - sweeeeeeeeeeeet!!! Sending you big Canadian hugs!

I got some more sewing done tonight and finished up this chocolates tote/shopping bag (15 x 13 x 3) - great for shopping at Laura Secord or Godiva, LOLLLL!!!

I also got parts 3 and 4 done of the dog SAL - part 5 comes out tomorrow, so I made it in the nick of time! All in all - a very productive day today!


  1. phewwww she took her time...I reckon she must have been tarting around town for a while with the postie....LOL.....sorry I couldn't do fat/chubby....lol.....hugs Khris

  2. The doll is so cute! Love the tote bag...do you use a tutorial for that?

  3. bravo Sandra .. par la sorcière rouge
    bizz vivi26


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