Monday, October 5, 2009

Getting stuff done before our trip :)

We leave on Friday morning and I still have stuff to do, lol. I finished 2 steno pads from Two Wacky Women ... with the addition of elastic to hold the pages in. In case anyone wants to make the steno pads WITH the elastic, here's how to add it to those instructions - information courtesy of 'bama Julie! Thanks Nino!!! ;)

11B. Pin 7" piece elastic 4" up from the end that will be the front facing (if you have put the pen holder on it will be that end, if you don't have a pen holder or any other element that identifies the front from the back don't worry about which end). Then ...

12. Fold each end in towards the center until it measure 19" from fold to fold. The ends that you fold in will be approximately 8 1/4" but don't worry if they're not. The important measurement is the 19" from fold to fold.

If when you turn the cover right sides out the elastic is on the outside, it doesn't matter, it's a simple thing to pull it round to the inside.

I also finished up 2 more sock sacks, and worked on some beads - I forgot to get jump rings, so I'll pick those up in the next day or two, or else I'll pick them up when we hit Joanns. I definitely have to wear my reading glasses for doing beadwork - holy crap getting old is bad on the eyes!!!

Tomorrow I need to get some cooking done for the freezer - chili, spaghetti, banana bread and pineapple upside down cake :D Our 19 year old insists he's going to buy dinner every night (and he probably will!), but the 20 year old is happy to pull something out of the freezer and reheat, so he can save his money :D I'm sure he'll pick up pizza or subs a few times, of course!


  1. Those steno pad covers are fabulous! One of these days I have to try one of them!

  2. I love that steno pad ~ too cute. I may have to do this for my (previous) step mom. She's a legal secty and still uses stenos.
    Also really like the sock sacks. I'm afraid to try one since they are so addicting!

  3. You have such cute little projects going. Love them. Have a good trip.

  4. Ohhh I am a good friend of Marilyn from the Two Wacky Woman..I will have to tell her about your notebooks...woohoo....great stash you have accumulated on your visit to the States...has your parcel from me not arrived yet? Seems to be taking its time...hugs Khris


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