Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Two oopsies - one easily solved, but the other ... I'm not sure yet :D

 My lovely neighbour has shared some more of her tomatoes with us :)  The larger ones in the back will be used for in Tomato Parmesan Tart I'm trying out this afternoon.  The cherry tomatoes are for snacking purposes :D  Unfortunately, after she handed me the bowl of 'maters over our shared fence, I slipped on the wet grass and fell a$$ over teacup in the front yard (in front of a passing car, no less) and they fell into the grass :D  It turns out that grass is the equivalent of bubble wrap to a bowl of cherry tomatoes, and they were unharmed, although probably permanently scarred from the sight of my fat butt flying through the air so gracelessly :D  If my tart works out I'll post a picture later :)   See the water bottle in the top right corner?  It may or may not be the actual water bottle-gate bottle !!  ;)

On a less flying-tomatoes note, here's a new-to-me zipper bag I completed this morning ... sadly, a major oopsie with my iron made a right mess on the FRONT of the bag.  I had been so careful during construction and all was going perfectly, until my iron left a dark smudgey mark on the centre panel of the bag when I was pressing it.  I covered it with a paper towel to finish pressing (so the iron wouldn't leave more of a mark) and the iron MELTED the paper towel right into the bag.  UGGHHHH!  I brought it upstairs and tried to scrub the bits and pieces out - I got most of it, but I don't know how it'll look once it's dry.  Will find out later tonight - fingers crossed :D   It really is a cute zipper bag (despite it's flaw!) - I already have another 2 cut out ready to stitch :D  Tutorial is here - check it out!


  1. Don't you hate it when you get right to the end and something goes wrong!!! I hope you were as unharmed as the tomatoes with your slip and slide.

  2. Oh you poor thing. That could have been a nasty accident and all becasue you can't stop making yummy things. Do you not read my blog!!!!!!!! I have a tutorial for cleaning your iron LOLLLL. Hope the zipper bag turns out fine. Oh and go easy on the tart LOLL

  3. if the tart works out you're going to show us pictures of your butt? Ok...

    Is it wrong that I laughed at your misfortune? The falling over I mean, not the ironing, that is a &*&**^&. Can you strategically stick a big flower on it?

  4. Oh dear Sandra, hope your dignity survived the fall as well as the tomatoes :)

  5. Hope your butt didn't suffer to much, but where are those video cameras when you need them. That one would have gone viral--Sandra saving the tomatoes at the expense of her butt^_~


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