Friday, July 8, 2016

... and this is just ONE reason why I love my neighbour :)

Our kitchen - 5:00 p.m. (ish).  I was making supper (aka taking containers of leftovers out of the fridge :D).  Phone rings, hubby answers it, then I hear ... "OK, I'll tell her."  "Hey Sandra - that was Maria - she says that if you grab a plate and go to her fence ..." - at which point I grabbed a plate and ran like the wind. not listening to anything else he had to say :D   I knew what she was baking today, so I knew what was coming!  Two minutes later I'm in her kitchen (after receiving kisses from Xena the dobie, who greeted me at the fence), and she's carving us off a hunk of homemade zucchini cinnamon cake, freshly baked, and frosted by her son Stelio.  LOOK AT THIS CAKE!   I put the butter in the photo to give you an idea of how big these pieces are - that's a dinner sized plate - not a little dessert plate!  I've already eaten my piece, LOL.  Hubby got called out on a service call before he could eat dessert - his piece may be in mortal danger, IYKWIM :D  I love my neighbour - and not just because she bakes us treats :D  She's rather ... ummm ... raunchy ... ummmm ... dirty ... saucy ... - it's like seeing a younger ME over the fence - one that's a better cook, lol!  We get along very well - I'm so so lucky!

I'm on my touch screen laptop and can't figure out how  to move this photo up so it's beside the text instead of below it.  I also can't figure out how to get rid of the stupid pop-up keyboard that keeps showing up - this is a laptop, not a tablet, and I have a full keyboard, but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to get rid of it!  Annoying beyond belief - especially since it just started showing up a couple of months ago out of nowhere, and none of the solutions I find online, work to elininate it. Sometimes, technology is a royal PITA!   But then I eat cake and forget my problems :D  Problem solved, finally - so NOW I can eat cake :D


  1. Wow - I have GOT to meet my neighbors, lol - maybe one of them can cook!

  2. Neighbors who can cook and sew,

  3. Every once in a while, our neighbors (who are Mexican) will invite us over for dinner when they are cooking on the grill or having a family party, and the food is always fabulous and something that I don't know how to cook, so it's great! Good neighbors are great!

  4. What s fab neighbour ... And well done on sorting the computer

  5. I am sure that your neighbour has just as many nice things to say about you too Sandra! I hope you managed to save a little bit of that cake for your hard-working hubby :)

  6. I am jealous. My neighbors have never baked for me. One did give me a bottle of wine for planting some flowers for him last year. Actually, now that I think about it, I would prefer cake.


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