Thursday, July 7, 2016

Red Riding Hood and superheroes :)

Here's a Red Riding Hood gift set that I finished this morning - a simple zipper pouch with a themed drawstring bag to hold it :)  All supplies from stash, yay!

Red Riding Hood drawstring gift bag ...

Red Riding Hood gift set - zipper pouch and drawstring bag :D

Here's a closer picture of the bag (from my dreary basement, lol) :)

Close-up of the Lecien RRH print :)

And another finish - a Superhero (fabric from Joanns) bag - this, along with the RRH set ^^, is being donated for an upcoming fundraiser :)

Retreat bag - lined with royal blue TOT fabric :)

Close-up of the zipper pull - I'm not sure if this is an actual superhero design (I got it on Ebay), but it looks pretty hero-ish! :)


  1. Some little people will love those!!!!

  2. Oh oh oh oh oh - Sandra you have been SO busy since I've last visited!!! I love it all but oh that pineapple has captured my heart, thank you for the links - oh dear I have to get a zipper now, lol!!! And of course I'm going to have to make a fishy drawstring bag!

  3. To my untrained eye, the zipper pull looks like a super hero. You need a young boy to tell you for sure. Looks good, anyway. The Little Red Riding Hood fabric is delightful.

  4. The Little Red Riding Hood fabric ....swoon.


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