Sunday, July 10, 2016

More finishes - it's going to be a stash-bustery July :)

First up - Retreat type zipper pouch, made with scraps of basketball fabric a sewy no-blog friend gave me :D  Hey Chris - I used up every inch of the fabric!

Close-up of the zipper pull - a basketball net :D

I really like making these Retreat bags (I prefer them without the frame, even though I have lots of frames!) - this one, although you can't see it, has tiny seed beads stitched into the center of a bunch of those flower patches :)

You've seen me make a pineapple bag before (well, you didn't see me MAKE it, but you did see the finished version, LOL) - when I made the first one it worked out so well that I gave it away as a gift, and kitted 2 more to stitch up.  And now - the 2 more are stitched up, ready to be gifted as well :)  Tutorial here, pattern here :)  What do you think - pink next ... or purple, maybe?

And one last finish to post for now - I follow a site called SewCanShe - each month Caroline's readers pick an "untutorial" that we would like Caroline to write an actual tutorial for - she lets us vote, then when the decision is made, she -- writes up a tutorial!   June's project was a Peek-a-Boo pouch with two vinyl pockets (one with a zipper closure.   I took some liberty with the closure, changing it to a magnetic snap ... which then necessitated me fixing a rather glaring booboo - the ugly back of the magnetic snap was dead center on the outside, HAHA.  A few stitches on a crocheted flower I had in stash - and booboo is hidden :)  See the little Eiffel Tower in the last picture?  That was my first booboo - I cut the holes for the magnetic snap ... in the wrong spot, so had to cover up the hole.  I stitched a little tag over top, and now it's a Design Decision :D  My first new to me for July, and #20 of 52 in my "52 in 16" quest :D

Have a great day - I'm headed to a friend's house for a get-together - I met the two ladies online, in a chatroom!!!, back in '97 for one of them, and '99 for the other.  We've been friends since then, and we try to get together every couple of months :D  Actually we'd get together more often than that, but with 3 couples, 10 children and some greats between us, scheduling is somewhat difficult, LOL!


  1. Great save!
    Go look at my blog when you get back - you will get derailed and need to make one too.

  2. Nice to see some grownup gifts too! They are fab! Love the idea of the untutorial!

  3. Who would have guessed there's such a thing as a basketball zipper pull. Love that bag!!! Great save on the last one, too. Maybe a purple pineapple bag next?

  4. These bags are so great and what an excellent way to use up scraps!!! Awesome job!!! I like your creative solutions!!! Great work :) Hugs, Mickie

  5. That basketball charm is brilliant Sandra, and congratulations on another New to Me already!


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