Saturday, July 9, 2016

Bug scraps - be GONE!

Late last month I grabbed a small container of scraps from my craftroom and decided to use them all up in July.  They were all bug/critter fabrics - mostly just bits and pieces, and I thought that using upcycled denim from thrift store jeans and heavy duty canvas from hubby's work pants, would be the perfect statement to go along with the use of the scraps :)  I got them all finished rather quickly - it's almost as if I've made zipper bags before!  ;)  The last bag is my favourite - I don't like the product samples my dentist gives me after each check-up so I donate them :D  The goodies have now been tucked inside the tall denim zipper bag, and hopefully, someone will make good use of them :)


  1. A great way to use up those small pieces of bug fabric. The last one is my favourite, too.

  2. I especially love the turtle pouch! That's a good idea, to give away the samples that you get from the dentist. I've been going to the say dentist/hygenist so long, that now I just tell the hygenist which samples I want or don't want!

  3. Twelve zippy bags!!!! I'm impressed.

  4. Nothing goes to waste in your sewing room does it Sandra, these are great!


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