Monday, July 11, 2016

Photography for no particular reason :D

... I'm working on a zipper bag (SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!) today - I got it prepped (up to the 'zipper is installed' stage) and will take it upstairs for some beadwork, which I hope to do tonight.  I thought I'd take a couple of pictures of how I get things packaged to go upstairs - aka process pics :D  Keep in mind I'm in my dungeon sewing room, so lighting is a challenge!

Here are the beads I'm using to embellish the bag.   The glass butterfly bead middle bottom has sharp edges around the holes so I worried that they would shred my thread.  The seed beads (directly above) will go on either end (I have extras there in case I drop a few in the couch, haha) to protect the thread.

 I use tiny little organza bags to keep my little bits and bobs together for sewing projects - I threw the beads in here for their long travel by air up to my first floor :D  Corralled, they are  ;)

I miscut the lining fabrics and had to piece one to make it big enough I made a Design Decision and pieced the lining to include the front fabric - for fun :)  You can also see, top left, a little Japanese cotton ribbon that I stitched on for extra kick :D

 It's a sewing themed ribbon - I think it came from Quilt a Bag in Markham :)
This is my carry case for beading projects - you can see my beads, beading needles, embroidery scissors and thread tucked safely inside :)  

This is the outside of the case - it's an eyeglass case given to me years ago by a friend - it's perfect for crafting projects.  Nothing in it is going to fall out or get lost, and it's cute to boot :)  Thanks, No Blog Chris B :D

I hope that when the recipients get their bags and notice the beading (which is usually very minimal), they're surprised and pleased!

Have a great day - I have aquafit tonight with a friend (hi, Miss Amanda) and her husband (hi, Mr. Tony) ... and I'm trying a new recipe for supper - Black Beans and Rice - wish me luck :D


  1. Love love LOVE them all! What a great idea for the eye glass carrier! I have a lot of these and they are just laying around. I love the ribbon on the orange bag: so cheerful! Those organza bags are useful for so many things--including lavender for a sachet! Have a great day! Hugs, Mickie

  2. You must be able to prep zipper bags in your sleep by now Sandra! Maybe you don't sleep and that is how you manage to make so many bags in a month ;)
    Enjoy aquafit and the new recipe!

  3. Your creativity never ends! You inspire me!!!

  4. That organza bag must be tiny to fit inside the glasses case. Clever idea to use the glasses case as a sewing kit, too!!!

  5. Amazing - and great ideas! I like how you take extra beads just in case, lol. I'm always losing those things. Did you know black beans and rice make the perfect protein? One of my favorite meals. I don't add meat to it - just tomato, onion, and salt. Maybe salsa if I'm feeling zesty.

  6. These beaded pouches will make the loveliest gifts :)

  7. I do love black beans and rice! Now that I see Allie-oops Designs ideas in the comment above, I shall be adding some salsa to the next batch. As always, stealing that travel sewing idea!

  8. LOVE the "Design Decision" the lining looks amazing xxx


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