Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Batman :)

It's been a Batman kind of month so far, and I'm finally done my Batman projects - here are some photos :D

Batman wallet under construction - tutorial here :)

Finshed wallet (inside) and a Batman pillowcase :)

Outside of the wallet :)

Then I went outside into the snow ...

I took a chair with me for company ...

And I hung a bunch of Batman capes on the clothesline :D  As you can tell, it got pretty windy!

A split second of almost calm :)

 But of course the wind picked back up again, so I went inside ...

And took this photo from my kitchen patio door, LOL.

16 Batman capes are all finished for a birthday party :D  The Batman pillowcase and the wallet (along with a Hot Wheels batvehicle and some Batman stickers) will be tucked in with the capes as a surprise bonus :D  I need to find a box big enough to hold these, and then get them in the mail tomorrow - I hope the recipient likes them!  I made 18 capes altogether - one has already been gifted, and one - well - it came to a sad end when there was a glue mishap.  Sad - very sad.  But he died valiantly, and gave up his life so that another cape could live freely, without extraneous glue.  It was very touching.  Or possibly, I'm just a bit touched - one or t'other ;)


  1. Well golly - I think I did eight or ten! You are a sewing Bat lady! Pat yourself on the back.

  2. You are the Batgirl of sewing! Wowsa! I know someone is going to love having a batman party. These are great for hte kids, can you get photos of them in their capes? I think it will be really neat! Dumb theme song going through my head now (THANKS SANDRA) Love you!

  3. What a trooper you are out there in the snow so we can see your capes! You are so much nicer than I am. There will be lots of happy birthday party attendees soon.

  4. Trudging out in the snow with all of those capes for a photo - that's dedication Sandra :)

  5. As Fiona said, taking photos in the wind and snow shows dedication to the blog. Amazing job getting them all done!!! That's going to be some birthday party.

  6. Great photo shoot, Sandra. It's going to be a brilliant party :)

  7. Such a brilliant idea for a party! Hope thet arrived safely and were appreciated xxx


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