Friday, December 16, 2016

I'm not finished with Rudolph yet :D

When I spotted this applique, I knew it needed to translate into a drawstring gift bag :D  Or rather - THREE drawstring gift bags, for my neighbour kiddies :)  Tucked inside each bag is a pillowcase (these two, and this one), some candy, a fun pen and a key cap cover.  They're also getting a snowman set - I used one of my snowman drawstring bags to hold 3 hand puppets, snowman and snowflake stickers, some glittery snow playdough (which I'll make the day I give them the gift), and some cookie cutters :D  I think this will be my last upload to Bag It - the challenge closes in 4 hours, and I'm about to head down to the basement to hem 3 pairs of work pants and make a Batman cape :D  An elf's work is never done, apparently!

Posting 3 bags to Bag It :)  Thanks Patty, for all your hard work!


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