Friday, December 30, 2016

OMG for December - completed :)

Despite - you know - CHRISTMAS - and despite the fact that hubby has been home for a week (and I don't want to say that he's driving me crazy, but he's driving me crazy), I got my December OMG goal completed.  I wanted to finish this dinosaur quilt, and it's now done and in the washing machine :)  I posted my December goal here ... and here's the completed quilt, hanging on my clothesline :D

OMG dinosaur quilt completed :)

The back of the quilt
I did a quick finish to get this project done and donated - I couldn't find dinosaur fleece on sale when I looked, so I picked a print that had the right colours in it, and birthed the quilt with it.  I did some very simple stitch in the ditch quilting to anchor the backing to the QAYG quilt top, and called it a day.  He's done, and he's warm and snuggly and cute - I'm happy :)  He'll be headed off to Blue Hills next week for a kiddo who will hopefully be very happy with it!

Posting to December's OMG finish link-up here :) ... and my previous OMG posts here :)


  1. I'm sure that you made someone quite happy with that dinosaur quilt! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish.

  2. Some little kiddo is going to love their new dinosaur quilt. Well done on finishing within your time frame.

  3. Wait till retirement Sandra, when hubby drives you mad every day!!!
    I bet that quilt has been snuggled to within an inch of its life already :)

  4. This is a great finish! I'm sure that quilt will become a very treasured companion to one of those children :)

  5. Great quilt! Have you tried my method of making quilts? Great for fleece backed quilts, cuts out a whole load of work and no quilting needed! Xxx

  6. This quilt turned out so cute! I love that you did a fast finish, too! I sometimes think I should do that for some of my quilts, too. It's perfect, especially for little ones!


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