Friday, December 30, 2016

The last tidbits (I think?!) of my pre-Christmas sewing :D

Last minute batcapes completed just before we went to visit friends with 2 granddaughters - I'm up for equal representation for the ladies, in the superhero department ;)

One last Batman wallet finished as a little extra in a Christmas gift :)

Speaking of my Batman fabric - I'm definitely not done playing with it.  My Batman, though, is the Adam West and Burt Ward variety from the 60's ... that was pretty rockin' fare for kids back then!  BAM! POW!  ;)  *still crushing on Adam West almost 50 years later :)*

I ran out of drawstring gift bags while I was finishing up the last minute wrapping, so I whipped up a few reindeer that were already kitted :D

This is a good bag to have on hand in varying sizes - you never know when you'll need to wrap something in a reindeer!  ;)

Due to a miscount and a gifting rearrange episode, I was short a couple of snowman puppets, so I whipped these up in time to tuck them into the gift bag for Christmas gifting :D  This is another one of those items that would be handy to have stashed away in the gift box for unexpected or last minute gifting!

OK that's it for now - I have a large-ish project to upload before I get cracking on the housework ... stay tuned ... ;)


  1. Batman will always be the one I watched on TV in the 60s. Great last minute finishes.

  2. I love all of your little projects! In an effort to get ahead of the game (after being so far behind this year), I cut out a bunch of Christmas themed reusable shopping bags while at my friend's the other day. They're on my sewing list for the week and then I'll have a head start for Christmas! I love how you work on gifts all throughout the year, and I'm hoping to be extra diligent at it this year!


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