Saturday, December 10, 2016

Reindeer and stuff! *rubs hands together with glee* :D

 I think I need to create some cuter finger (and hand) puppet holders, lol. Frixion pens in thread spools are serviceable - but not very cute!  And these reindeer puppets are definitely cute, IIDSSM :)  The pattern is a freebie from The Red Boot Quilt Company - you can download it from Craftsy or from the Red Boot website :)  She did hers as ornaments - I left an opening in the bottom of mine to make finger puppets :D

 Snowman flex frame bags - I used the snowman fabric (from Walmart in the States) to make a Santa sack for a great nephew, and with some of the scraps, I whipped up several flex frame bags.  The tall one in the middle will be the packaging for a gift of a 3pk of Lindor chocolates ... and a gift card :)

 When I did my first batch of rocket puppets I wasn't pleased with how they turned out - they were just too plain.  I wanted them to go with a solar system bag for a solar/rockety themed gift.  I whipped these up and am very pleased with the results - they're cute :)  Although - when I looked at the original rockets just now, to get the link to the page, I didn't think they were all that bad, LOL!   Absence apparently makes the heart grow fonder!  ;)

 Another finger puppet here - Mr. Chickadee :)  I've had this website bookmarked for quite a while because she has an awesome collection of tutorials - aka Susan's Critters  and Susan's Birds :)  Someone pinned the chickadee pattern recently - I whipped this little one up last night - and as usual, finger puppetized the ornament pattern ;)  I'm thinking of doing more bird puppets for a gift for next year, so I'm going to put this one away until I can get more made.  I think a collection of bird puppets (or ornaments) along with a bird watching book for kids, would make an awesome gift!  Presented in a drawstring gift bag, of course, embellished with a bird or two :D

 From the &!#$ happens files, this is what can happen if you're winding a bobbin on a sewing machine that does the winding at superfast speed.  I wasn't watching the bobbin - I was probably looking at the TV, and this is what happened, LOL.

Needless to say, I wasn't going to pick out the loopy thread to try to salvage the thread at the beginning of the wind - I pitched this puppy in the garbage can with nary a thought, and wound another one - on a metal bobbin, LOL.  Watch your bobbins, ladies - sometimes life hands you a bobbin nest!  ;)

I took some pictures this morning of some pillowcases and drawstring bags I've completed in the last few days - it was snowing out but still fairly mild - quite a pretty day :)  I sent the pictures to my laptop from my cellphone, but they haven't arrived yet so I'll post them later.  They're all Christmas gifts as well :D

Flex frame bags are being posted to Bag It - the challenge closes in a few days (December 16, 2016) so if you're entering or are thinking about entering, get cracking!  ;)  The gifts (everything but the thread nests - those are for my own personal entertainment purposes :D) will be posted to Ho Ho Ho for December (when the linky goes up), and the reindeer puppets will go to the New to Me linky when IT goes up :)


  1. Lol, I can't believe you just threw the bobbin with thread away, that cracks me up! I would have cut the thread off. A trick I learned from my friend, Robbi, take a stick of some sort (knitting needle, chopstick, etc.) and drop the bobbin on it, and then just start pulling the thread off. I wrap mine around my hand, usually, but she would just pull hers and let it fall to the ground in a pile and pick up when all done.

    Your rocket ships and reindeer and chickadee are all so very cute. I'll be sewing and cooking today since we have a big snowstorm forecast, so maybe I'll send you some pics when I'm done :)

  2. Good grief - I thought you'd finished making Christmas pressies!!!! I feel your bobbin pain! Xxx

  3. LOVE the rocket puppets!!! Great idea to use flex frame bags for gifts. I've done that plenty of times with the bobbin. Ha, ha... takes ages to get the thread off, but I'm not throwing out one of my metal bobbins.

  4. I like the pen and thread stands--very innovative. That bird ornament is calling me. I might even invest in some fancy-schmancy felt to make some ornaments.

  5. So fun. Thanks for linking your bags up with Elm Street Quilts Bag It!


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