Thursday, March 31, 2011

Life is a gamble :D

If life isn't a gamble, this composition book cover is! ;)

The fabric is from Susan in KC (thanks Susan!) - I've already made 2 zipper bags with it, and I still have a few bits and pieces left.  The lining inside of this is ... hehe ... American money fabric from Joanns :D  This is a Christmas gift - ready well in advance!

Two more pillowcases completed for Blue Hills - these make 10 of the 14 I want to have ready for them for Christmas.  I need to get more Christmas fabric ;)

Heehee post edited to add --- that's 14 pillowcases, not 141 --- the word "I" looks like a number 1, LOL!!  I may be crazy, but definitely not crazy to commit to 141 pillowcases - HOLY SMOKES BATMAN!!! :D


  1. Cute little notebooks! You've only got 9 months until Christmas Sandra, you'd better get hurrying on those pillow cases!?!

  2. LOVE it, Sandra, and the pillowcases - um, 141? You'd better get busy, lol! I laughed out loud when I read your tag line about the winter plumpage....too funny and sadly, too true for me!


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