Thursday, July 28, 2011

On track ... and Zoomer not doing well

I haven't posted in a while as I've been having a nice little pity party - my cat is sick and in the hospital (and the vets haven't been able yet to figure out the problem), and as hubby and I were going on a trip to Port Huron, Michigan this coming long weekend, I found it necessary, sadly, to try on swimsuits.  Some of you will know the depths of despair I reached in that change room!   The sight of my fat a$$ in a swimsuit was enough to get me back on track :D  I just don't want to ever have to go through that again - it was bad bad bad!  So I updated my poor neglected ticker and am working on fixing that which is depressing me :D  (Waiting for vet to call about Z, so that one is out of my hands for now).

I haven't felt like doing much of anything, but here's a photo of my July LANT (Wendy's challenge) - I finally tried a flex frame - it's majorly simple, lol.  I'll be making more of these - they're fun!  

Some projects are going to be mailed so I'll post them as they're received by the recipients :D


  1. Big hugs to you and Zoomer from your Flamingo friend formerly from Florida

  2. Hope Zoomer gets better soon and well doen you for doing something about your weight... I just sit and procrastinate...
    Have a lovley weekend.. and your flexi frame is great... well done..

  3. Good to hear you are back on track missy even though it took a scare to do it ;-) I know only too well the feeling....I loved the flex frames and have more here that I really need to use...hugs Khris

  4. Oh, I hope they figure out what's wrong with Zoomer and he's back with you soon! Baxter sends little purrs and kitten hugs.

  5. So, so sad you can't come - but Zoomer is more important, poor little guy!!!! Kiss his wee head for me, k? Great job on the flex frame!

  6. Sorry to hear abut your kitty. Hopefully he will be feeling good as new soon. It's so stressful when pets are sick. Just reading about trying on bathing suits sent a chill up my spine. I would have to be heavily sedated before I would attempt it. I should probably start a ticker myself but it would be so long I don't know if it would fit on my page!

  7. Oh no, I'm sorry to hear about Zoomer, give him a great big cuddle from the bunnies. And as for bathing suits, it's a trial and a torture for many of us I'm sure. At least you now have one, and didn't buy one to try on at home, ending up with one too small that means your boobs come flying out when you walk down the beach!

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    Have a good week end


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