Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sometimes life hands you little lemons :D

I was working on a soft book tonight but I didn't realize that the covers were cut to the wrong size :D  I ended up deciding to make 2 books instead of 1, so I could use the pieces I've already made.   Here are the pages for the colour book - the cat fabric is the lining of the front and back covers.  The ABC page is the front cover, and I'll applique 1 2 3 for the back cover.  The inside pages are red+orange, blue+green, pink+purple :)

Bug quilt flimsy finished!  I'm taking it to Michigan at the end of the month so I can pick up some bug fabric for the border and backing - it'll be done in plenty of time for Christmas :)


  1. Great soft books... I've got 2 granddaughters who would love something like that.... oh dear... another project.... ;-}

  2. Great books! I can't wait til you get here, girl! BTW, your table runner has arrived, and I didn't even open it to get a peek. I'm waiting for you to do it.


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