Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy birthday Zoomer ... and Canada!

Zoomer turned 10 today, and Canada turned 144 - Happy Birthday to both of you!!  Here's Z kicking back with Nick and a beer in the man cave :D

 Here's the ham ...
showing off his new hard hat for work :D

Today's creations - I decided these pillowcases would be a quick and easy (and useful!) way to plow through some yardage.  The cuffs are made from cotton lace fabric - they add the perfect girly touch :)  These p-cases (and the other 3 I have cut out) will go to Blue Hills :)


  1. Hope you had a wonderful Canada Day, Sandra.

    Great pics of your guys.

    The pillowcases are so pretty, I'm sure they will be loved by whoever receives them.

  2. Happy birthday to zoomer and canada and to my first born son, 30 years old july 1.
    going to a huge gardenparty tonight to celebrate him.
    dressed as calamity jane, Amina is dresses like an indian.

    themeparty cowboy and indians


  3. Happy Birthday to Zoomer and Canada! Nick is a very handsome young man - I can't believe he's got a quilt covering him though! Pretty pillowcases girl!


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