Friday, July 22, 2011

FNSI prep!

Tonight is July's Friday Night Sew In - I'll be spending the evening sewing and carrying on with Nancy and no-blog Amanda - I believe Nancy will be working on pretty little lavender sachets, and Amanda will be making a pillow :)

Here's my bag of stuff for tonight.  Top - toddler quilt (I just need to sew on the buttons) ... bottom, fabrics for (l-r) a Christmas gift bag (to wrap the quilt/p-case), a pillowcase to match the quilt, and a flex-frame bag (for my July LANT)  Thanks for hosting us, Nanc!!

A few days ago I came across a new-to-me blog because I spotted a picture of a quilt that interested me.  I decided to make something similar to Corina's project.  Here are the first couple of blocks I finished - I need more black/white prints - I've seen gorgeous prints @ Ikea that should work and I can pick them up in Michigan next weekend (when I meet up with blogging friend Allie!)

I hope everybody is staying cool in this dreadful heat - I think I better stop complaining about the cold in winter - I much prefer it to this CRAP!


  1. Hi Sandra! Oh, I love the green strip in those blocks.
    I, to am looking forward to the FNSI..I'm planning on locking all my doors to the sewing room....LOL

  2. Its gorgeous with green in the black&white blocks.
    My bags are made of fabrics from IKEA. The bag you loved is my bag, love it.
    Hope you find the fabrics you want from IKEA.

  3. Hey Spicey you have fun on your outing and enjoy the sewing love the things you make you are sew quick!!

  4. You're going to meet Allie? Oh, so jealous of the pair of you.

    I notice that no mention was made of your LANT on the FSNI post...

  5. I LOVE those blocks - that's on my list - what a great green stripe there! Can't WAIT til you get here...


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