Saturday, July 9, 2011

All the way from England ...

A couple of days ago I received a surprise gift package from the delightful Crafter's Apprentice - aka Wendy in England :D  There are also a couple of gorgeous handmade cards but they weren't near the camera when I took the pics :D  The "apprentice" part of her moniker is a misnomer IMHO - her projects certainly look perfect to me!  Thanks Miss Wendy, for my gorgeous handmade goodies - I love 'em! 

 A few recent finishes - two rainbow gift bags and a boxed bottom quilted bag - the gift bags are for my favourite customer (!) and the zipper bag is for Blue Hills :)

These 3 pillowcases were completed a few days ago but I didn't get around to photographing them until today, as I wanted to run them through the washer/dryer first.  These are for Blue Hills as well :D


  1. Oh what pretty flowers! And where are you going to put these. That little bag looks nice too. congrats on the surprise from Wendy Patty Pat qw

  2. Love those flowers! Your bags and pillow cases are fantastic! Loved the zipper one with the box bottom :D Have a great day!
    Hugs, MIckie

  3. Lots of pretty flowers. Mail with gifts is so much more fun that the bills kind of mail. :o)

    And the rainbow gift bags are so pretty. Love the airplane fabric on the boxed bottom quilted one.

    Those pillowcases are going to be much loved and appreciated by whoever receives them.

  4. Lucky you! Miss Wendy treated you with some lovely handmade goodies.

    Sandra you amaze me with all the sewing you do. How do you do get so much done?

  5. The little crochet flowers are lovely and can be used on so many things.... I can imagine them on your zipper bags... and .. and...
    your bags and pillowcases are lovely.... lots done..


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