Friday, July 8, 2011

International co-operation :D

The denim zippies on the right are a tri-country effort!!  The sheep ribbon is from Germany (thanks Angela!), the crochet flowers are from the USA (thanks Trish!) and the denim for the bags was recycled from electrician's jeans (aka my oldest son's worn out work pants, LOLOL). 

These bags will all go to Blue Hills - the lace trim on the bird bag (top left) was wrapped around a set of FQ's I bought at a quilt store - I managed to use it all up :)

When I get my blue/green quilt finished (it's all quilted now [stitch in the ditch decorative stitching] - I just need to birth it with the chenille backing, then sew buttons to the block intersections) I'll finish this one up.  Those are all bug fabrics making up the windmill blocks - I need to pick up some bug fabric for the backing/border, and when complete, this will be a Christmas gift for a little one - a cousin of the blue/green quilt recipient :D


  1. Zippers and bugs...... on my....... Love the bugs quilt. Did you use a special ruler???

  2. Great zippies, love the international effort! Your quilt is looking GREAT, Sandra!

  3. I'm a loving the bug theme, great for a boy! :) Love the zipper bags as always, you go girl! You are just chugging out all your projects!

  4. Great zippies... and of course I love your quilt... bugs are great...

  5. such lovely stuff!! The quilt looks gorgeous, you keep your quilting light under a bushel sandra!

  6. Great bags, I like the Jeansbag
    I sew my self of Jeans so often


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