Saturday, July 30, 2011

Zoomer seems to be doing better ...

He seems to be turning the corner, though, thanks to the wonderful care by his lovely vets Drs. Nora and Jacqui from Legallais.   He's on 4 medications right now - I had to chart the meds/doses/times so I wouldn't get anything confused!  He's not totally up to speed but it really looks like he's headed in the right direction, for which I am *so* thankful.  We had to cancel our Michigan + meet Allie trip that was planned for this long weekend - I couldn't ask the kids to take care of him when he was that ill.  We'll reschedule, Allie! 


  1. I'm just SO GLAD he's doing better, Hermione does want updates, she's a real pest, lol. She sends her love to Zoomer! We can reschedule when Zoomer is better, hon.

  2. Glad that Zoomer is improving. The 4 farm cats send their best wishes :).

  3. Happy to hear that.
    When Nature Calls is here on my sidebar if you want to participate.
    Take care.

  4. I'm so glad to read Zoomer is doing better! Baxter sends purrs.

  5. Glad to know Zoomer is doing better. Joxer the Mightly sends kitty greetings and well wishes.


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