Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Zoomer continues to improve :)

He's down to only 2 medications - he's eating, drinking, litterboxing, chatty, demanding and bossy - he's pretty much back to normal, YAY :)   I made the vet's office a little thank you gift - they really are a wonderful group - so kind and caring and lovely to deal with (even when I barely made sense, hehe).  I'll take these in when we go in to pick up food for Z :) 


  1. This is great news!! Hi Zoomer Auntie patty pat here wishing you to give Mommie humffff QW

  2. So pleased to her Z is doing so well. You are lovely making the staff some goodies...they will love them...hugs Khris

  3. I'm glad to hear Zoomer is doing better - must be thoses kisses the bunnies sent that did it ;0)

  4. good to hear.
    Zoomer has been a part of your family for as long as you and I have known each other.

  5. Great to hear that Zoomer is almost back to normal.

    And what a sweet thing to do, to make those adorable zipper bags for the vet's office. They are going to love them.


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