Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Now THAT's what I'm talking about!

My friend Nancy has learned how to make these, and gifted me with some pretties today!  To me a hand crocheted flower on a handmade zipper bag is like caramel topping on ice-cream - better just gets better :)

 Yesterday's finishes - a largeish zipper bag and a pair of pretty pillowcases for Blue Hills :) 

Today's goodies - a veggie gift bag (this one makes me laugh), a boxed bottom doggy zipper bag and a wolf batik zipper bag :)  The wolf batik was sewn onto a piece of caramel coloured linen, and I used another batik for the lining - this one is SWEET!

 Here are the blue scraps I pulled out of my scrap bin for a patchwork project I want to try ...

... and here's the fabric I pulled to pair with mint green PUL to make a wet bag - Sherry I hope you like the fabric!  This is my trial run of the tutorial as I've never worked with PUL before - I can always do it in a different fabric of your choice - I have lots of PUL :)   I suspect I'll be making more than a few of these if the pattern bag design suits the intended recipients :)


  1. Hey I like that fabric choice, I have a piece of it too. But what is the letters PUL stand for I am having a duh moment. PPQW

  2. Hi Sandra, it's Amina. I just want to thank you for the letter you sent me. I like it alot :) Have a good day / Amina.

  3. Those flowers are darling! I love to crochet flowers - I might have to buy some yarn and make you some! Love the zipper bags and pillowcases. The gift bags are awesome, especially the wolves! Can't wait to see what patchworky thing you're doing. And what in the world is a wet bag, and what is PUL??? You don't want to know what I've come up with.

  4. its very fun to make crochetflowers.
    try to make an amigurumi, maybe your flamingo wants a husband

    when I clicked on the link to your blog, a song appeared in my head.


    or check my blog to see the video


  5. Nancy really is putting her LANT to good use. I've been trying to think of a LANT but while I know there are lots of crafts out there... I can't think of one that I really, really want to learn that I haven't tried at one time or another.

    You sure have been busy. The pillowcases are so pretty. As are the various zippered bags.

    And I really like the selection of blues you pulled out of your scrap bin.


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