Monday, August 15, 2011

Angela's ants :D

I've had this blog post prepped for a couple of weeks now, but didn't want to send it live until the recipient received the bag. I just got an email from her and she was definitely surprised (happily surprised, I think!) so I can send this through now :) My friend Angela in Germany recently had a problem in her apartment with ants - of course, as a friend, I couldn't let that pass without a "read between the lines" response - could I? ;)

Stitching the ants onto reclaimed denim :)

Finished stitchout - so cute!

The anty lining and the cherry outer fabrics :)

The completed lining :)

A peek at the finished lining :)
Completed bag :)


  1. Too cute.... love it!
    I have that same embroidery design... what fun.

  2. Oh how fun and creative! I love it and I'll bet that Angela does too.

  3. So adorable. Now those are ants that'll make her smile for sure.
    You are such a wonderful friend!

  4. Hey Girl what a clever idea and so cute!!! LOVE it

  5. ha ha ha
    I just love it :-)


  6. Sandra, that is just brilliant!! I love it! And you didn't say that you've moved on to embroidering pictures, you said you were only ever going to do words!

  7. Cute!
    Just had the crazy idea that you should sew one of your panty bags and embroider ants inside. Ants in your pants! ;o)


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