Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sunbonnets, panties and skulls :)

Here are the Sunbonnet Sue zipper bags I made for Mickie in Pennsylvania as part of a swap - notice the beautiful crocheted flowers I used on them (from Trish in Ohio!) :)

Here's the panty bag I made as a surprise for Susan (in Georgia) - she sent me a surprise back - I'll get a photo tomorrow - they're very pretty ... and useful! ;)

 And last, but not least, the zipper bag I made for a young lady in California - she's here from Sweden to go to school!  Her mom Tina is probably missing her "baby" - I think some of our other internet buddies will be sending Miss Amina some surprise mail too, to make her feel at home :)

Want to know what a dope I am?  I found a website a few weeks ago for a tractor pull in a nearby town - Bolton.  Hubby and I were planning on going tomorrow.  I went to their website to get directions, which showed that it would take 9 hours for us to get there.  That didn't make sense, as the town is only an hour away.  Until I realized that the website is for a tractor pull in Bolton, MA - not Bolton, Ontario :D  Good thing we didn't head over - hubby would never have let me live that down, LOL!!

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  1. YOU WIN!!! For having the most compelling blog post title in a long long long time! Your projects are wonderful (as I well can attest :)


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