Tuesday, August 30, 2011

 Here are 3 flamingo bibs for Blue Hills - I was using up the last bits and pieces of the flamingo flannel you see on the little bib on the right.  The backing (not shown) of the bibs is the same fabric, patchworked with the pink flannel as I didn't have big enough pieces :D

 I love this fabric from Joanns - here's a little zipper bag (which will probably be a gift), embellished with some pretty flower buttons :)  The lining is red TOT - really luscious!

Here's a close-up of the buttons - I think they probably came from Joanns - they really finish the bag nicely!

(Edited to add, on Aug. 30 - WOW - I just noticed that this post is still in draft format - from August 19?  I wonder why I never posted it, lol!)


  1. Love the bag... Those little hearts are sweet!

  2. Too cute! So the bib on the right is flannel? I have that SAME fabric in regular cotton, lol!!!

  3. i love your bag so cute

  4. I like your pouches and your colors. When I was in Miami last Christmas I went to Joann'fabrics and bought a yard of the pink fabric with cherries, and a yard is quickly finished.
    Thank you for your nice visits


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