Saturday, August 20, 2011

August FNSI report :D

8.5"x9.5"x3.5" wet bag
While Nancy and I had FNSI fun last night, I didn't get as much done as I could have. At the last minute I decided to make only ONE wet bag (even though I had 2 kitted) as I wanted to try washing one before making a second one.  A bag meant to carry the occasional dirty diaper needs to be machine washable, lol, so I'll check the project washability before proceeding with more of them :D  The bag certainly looks adorable though!

Secondly, I forgot to take my zipper bag templates so I was only able to get the travel themed bag set started.  I got most of the boxy bag done, and got the zipper bags interfaced - I couldn't go any further without the rest of the supplies.  I probably could have gotten the entire set done last night if I had been more organized!

Nancy was so organized that she even had bobbins wound in the colour I asked for, lol.  She got a gorgeous bag 95% completed - she was the photographer last night so I'm waiting for her to upload the photos to her blog :D (Edited to add - YAY!  Here they are :D)

Another fun FNSI under our belts - I'm going to go see what everybody else got up to!


  1. I haven't had a baby in diapers for years so all this stuff is new to me but I've seen patterns that call for PLU in making those cute new diaper covers so you'd think it would wash well. But like you said, it's always best to test one before making more.

    Love your travel set, you must have been busy this morning to get them finished.

  2. you had a great time, thats important.
    I like the wetbag, would be great for a wet swimsuit ;-)


  3. You have a great blog, Sandra! I'm impressed by the bags you've made and that embroidered ants are so darn cute!!! You are very talented!

  4. Good idea to make sure it washes up well first - I really love the look of it! Glad you had fun, even if you forgot some things, lol!

  5. YOu seemed to get plenty done to me! What kind of fabric did you use for the wash bag? I'll be interested to know how it washes

  6. Nice wet bag. You managed a lot more than me for FNSI!

  7. I love your travel theme bags. And I am ashamed to say that I was not sure what a "wet bag" was until I read your post. I learn something new every day.


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