Sunday, August 21, 2011

*Insert whimsical topic here* :)

I needed a few large gift bags for some projects I've been working on, and fortunately had Christmas fabric in just the right amounts :)

3 pillowcases for Blue Hills, using up some fabric that Nancy gave me!

I'm laying on the couch with my laptop - the cat just jumped on the couch at my feet.  He likes to sleep there but he won't settle down until he gets loving - he's headbutting my leg and won't stop until I rub him with my foot, lol.  King of the house is spoiled! ;)


  1. You are really productive. Those gift bags are a great idea. I'm planning on making loads to place presents in instead of wrapping things.

  2. Nice finishes! Gotta love having the perfect fabric in your stash. Is that Zoomer wanting attention? How's he doing???


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